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Paperwork Organization

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According to Time Management experts, the highest priority items most neglected are:





Tips for Paperwork Organization

#1- Organize your personal or business paperwork newest to oldest. This helps you keep paperwork that is more relevant to you in the front of the file. With this strategy, at the beginning of the year you can remove the oldest year’s paperwork out of the back of the file. You can then shred it, if it no longer needs to kept. If it needs to kept for tax purposes, you can move it to an alternative storage area and outside your main workspace area.

#2- Set up a time & date daily, weekly, monthly and annually to address your action items. If it’s urgent, like business expenses, taxes or bills, set up a designated station or online folder (red color coding & file folders work great) so you know it is high priority & needs to be addressed regularly.

#3- If you tend to procrastinate, pick whatever type of reminder works best for you. Whether it be an alarm on your phone, online calendar blocking, visual reminders ques or your physical calendar, make sure you set aside time to address your paperwork.

#4- If you get a lot of mail, keep an eye out for Pre-sorted or Bulk mail designation on the right-hand corner of your envelope where the stamp goes. If your mail typically piles up, that’s a great way to know what can go straight to the shredder. Don’t waste time on it if it’s not something you are actively looking for or need at this time.

#5- If you get overwhelmed, cut back the time you spend on organizing & filing. Take a break after 20 minutes and come back after the break to continue the task. Break it down to a successful time frame that works for you.

If you need help, we can assist you with a better organizational system & setup. We also provide comprehensive organization to get you where you’d like to be.

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