Professional Garage System Design, Installation & Organizing

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Garage Design & System Installs

  • Consultation with a specialist on your individual project. 

  • Our specialist identifies areas they can help improve upon, whether it be working with what you already have or starting from scratch. 

  • We perform a measurement of your garage and review product choices with you for available installation systems. 

  • Design & configure your space to make it more functional. Install Shelving, Cabinets, and accessories that you purchase separately based on the final design. 

  • Coordinate with epoxy, wall coating, electrical, electronic & plumbing professionals, if needed.


Pricing based on scope of project

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Garage Organization-Packages with

a Specialist

  • With the Garage Organization package, we will begin by identifying by what you want to keep & get organized.  

  • We will review options for organization, and different choices of products and systems you can use to keep things stored in an organized and easy to find way. 

  • Next, we can also identify what you would like to be set aside to be sold at a later date.  

  • We will coordinate with you the remaining items you no longer want to be donated, recycled, and/or taken to the dump.  


Packages starts at $650.

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