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Laptop and Paperwork

Business and Home Office Paperwork, Information & Workspace

​Get the help you need, where you need it most.

Small Business Paperwork & Work Station Organization

  • Paperwork is not your expertise & you’re too busy to do it yourself.

  • You don't have enough staff to maintain your current system.

  • You need a system to be established, and then your staff will maintain it.

  • We can identify older paperwork that can be stored out of the way of high-traffic areas.

  • We will point out paperwork that can be removed and shredded. We can take it to be shredded for you by an outside provider if need be.

  • We can assist with a system for your workspace that works for you, digital organization, backing up & scanning of your important documents.

  • Maintenance by us, as needed.

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Paperwork Organization is an important part of an organized life.

Home Office Paperwork & Work Space Organization

  • Establishing an organized system for your paperwork and your workspace that works for you.

  • Helpful suggestions if you need to tweak your current system.

  • Identifying & reviewing important documents and where they should be stored safely.

  • We can identify paperwork that can be moved to the garage, hall closet or storage unit.

  • We will notify you of the paperwork timelines and what can be shredded.

  • Assistance if you need to consolidate your paperwork before moving. 

  • We assist with digital organization, backing up & scanning your important documents.

  • Maintenance by us, as needed.

Tiffany was awarded Idaho Veteran's Chamber Spouse Business Owner of the Year in November 2023

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